Services are offered fewer than 2 broad categories


The astrology service is through scientific method where we don’t suggest any remedies which include gems or special rituals like homa or havans until unless they are most needed as we believe the planetary influence imposed by the celestial bodies can be overcome by the individual through applying freewill. We believe in power of human race to meet and excel in any challenges without depending on any other external objects like Gems. While spirituality and habit forming is suggested as remedy to most of negative planetary influences but it may extend to psychotherapy if needed.

  • Birth Chart Analysis: The birth chart analysis is performed by using date of birth, place of birth and time of birth details of the individual client. Birth chart uncovers the true nature of the client and predicts the overall life and future in physical, psychological, financial and spiritual spears.
  • Medical astrology: The medical astrology analysis involves diagnosing the illness manifested, or predicting the weak body area and alerting on the future illness for an individual client.

    The respective treatment options for the client are also advised. The study and diagnosis is performed through the detailed body anatomy, pathology and planetary influences.

  • Horary Astrology: Absolutely any setbacks the human race face from mundane issues to chronic issues can be predicted and remedies suggested using the horary astrology Popularly called as prashne shashtra.
  • Horoscope matching of prospective bride and bridegroom and muhurtha erection for auspicious occasion are self-explanatory.

Counselling and Psychotherapy

This service of healing is open for all distressed individuals across all age categories. The consultation involves diagnosing the condition using psychometric assessment if needed and treating the client using various theories and techniques of application which includes hypnosis andother psychotherapy. The eclectic theories of psychology are applied based client’s need. Disorders of thought, cognition and mood are diagnosed and appropriate reference is made to respective psychiatrist if needed.

Services Include:

1. Student Counselling

2. Career guidance

3. Adolescent counselling

4. Adult counselling

5. Pre-marital counselling

6. Marital counselling

7. Geriatric counselling

The Therapies include:

1. Psychoanalytic Therapies

2. Psychodynamic Therapies

3. Existential Therapies

4. Gestalt Therapies

5. Cognitive Behaviour therapies

6. Family Therapy

7. Hypnosis

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