I was always skeptical about astrology until you explained everything in detail.
Appreciate your patience to brief me about the astrological houses, its significance, my characteristics and helped me to take vital decision on my career and life, which was more like a discussion with a friend to understand strenghts and weakness. I am so fortunate to have contacted you at the right time.
I am really surprised by the volume of information you have acquired and readily willing to share. I wish you a good luck and certain that you will change many lives and their decision making.Thank you.

Srinivas Krishnan Mexico

Got to know about this consulting from my sister in law living in India. I was not at all the firm believer of astrology. But few incidents happened when my sister in law was here in U.K. With us for holidays and the way Mrs. Mamta has guided my family and we got the resolution to the problem,I started believing in Astro science and interacting with this consultancy. I have got mine.. my son .. brother and Hubby's profile being made and analysed by Mrs. Mamta and we are quite satisfied and happy with the answers . I would recommend this and wanted to say You're doing great 👍🏼

Aditi Verma Cambridge UK

I am really satisfied with Mamta Aunty's readings and predictions are quite accurate the way she explains each and everything with patience I really liked it.

yamini murthy Pune

A wonderful women with so much patients in explaining every little detail with a lot of science involved in her astrology, Her skills of studying so much into the persons life details are uncanny.
Loved her assistance to the max and her involvement in making me understand the most intricate details shown in my charts.

Suchi Bangalore

Hi, I'm Soni Jagyassi..Till now I've been a person who didn't believed in astrology or ones fate being decided by the placement of planets, until I met Mamtha, shes the one who changed my perception on the concept of astrology.. I'm not the one who would easily believe anyone with whatever they say, I need to personally experience it..
Here comes my experience with Mamtha's astro science - one bad day my brother had lost his wallet somewhere (he doesn't remember when and where he lost it)he realised it the next morning he woke up.. there was 6000 cash and all the important identification cards, credit and debit cards in it.. we searched for the wallet inside my home, car and all the places my brother visited the last night, but, in vain.. everyone knows how impossible it is to find a lost item in these days, so we let go the hopes of finding it and didn't even gave a police complaint.. a couple of days later I've messaged Mamtha and told her about the wallet being lost and asked if there are any chances that v retrieve it (I just wanted to give a try by asking about the wallet, though I don't believe in all this)
Next day I received a text message from Mamtha that we will get the wallet back but, not the cash in it, she even told me how and where it was stolen, also said a good Samaritan or police would help us in getting the wallet back.. the same day an old man got the wallet on a street, he picked it up, Checked it and found voter ID, credit, debit cards in it..As the voter ID had our address on it, he came and returned it to us.. exactly what has been told by Mamtha happened. We did get the wallet with the card and without the cash.. her prediction turned out completely true.. This incident made me a firm believer in this astro science and a fan of Mamtha.. a few days later I again asked her about an issue I had and she predicted and helped me sort the issue.. she predicted every thing in detail.. I'm sure I'll bother Mamtha ma'am in the future for sure..
Thank you for helping me!!!

Soni Jagyassi Hyderabad

Sharing my questions with Mamtha Di was indeed an experience of dawn for me. I was awestruck by how she figured out my situations just by my questions and the session was an experience of a lifetime. She also explained me about this science and that she is studying from a long time now and practicing a lot. I was curious before going to her, for the question that I had in my mind; I was satisfied after talking to her and got so much clarity about my situation. I look forward to go to her again in future for when dilemma would strike me 🙂 Thanks for all the help and guidance

Rachita Sinha Bhubaneswar, Orissa

Mamtha is God's messenger. She had giving me hope and motivated me when I was deeply distressed over my families financial problems. At first I was hesitant to message her but since my friend had a personal experience with her accurate predictions so I went ahead and shared my problems with her. I was surprised when she replied with clarity and had a one to one discussion with me. It was like speaking to a friend I felt a connection with her.
I really appreciate her for taking out time for the distressed people and giving them hope and Faith. I wish Mamtha well for her future endeavours. Stay Blessed.

Crystal Hyderabad

Thanks for your wonderful support & patient hearing Mamtaji !
As I am not in the same city as you are,so I have to depend on telephonic conversation to be in touch with you,whenever I need a professional astropsychic consultation.
I agree to the comments of the people who've written about you in this section before me.
Rather I wish to add that while speaking to you I have never felt that I am speaking to someone who is solely bothered about making money & fame. Instead I have always felt as if I am speaking to a very close family member of mine who can listen to me for hours,with complete attention & respond with so much compassion & support.
Thanks giving is just a jesture, which is not enough to thank u.
Still that's the only way I can thank u.
Thanks a lot.
Wish you success &
May God bless you as the world needs people like you.

Deepali Biswas Ray Dhanbad Jharkhand

Hi Mamtha, it was wonderful experience altogether talking to you. Astrology according to my experience was very expensive both in terms of money and rituals for immediate solutions. But you made me so comfortable to handle situation and over come obstacles on date today issues. Your predictions of my early life hurdles and my future was excellent. It helped me restart my life in a better way, look life in a different way , face challenges with more confidence and add human values to my life .Your prediction about dad’s health and my son’s results was so convincing even my brother wants to get his life predictions.

Jyothi Manjunath Jyothi Manjunath

I consulted Mamtaji on phone and i have the highest regards for her. She is the epitome of kindness and humility a rare combination,found in few people today. Her soft spokeness and ability to lessen pain is her biggest virtue. People are materialistic but she is beyond this and true to her chosen profession. An in depth of her knowledge for astrology helps alleviate pain. A true ode to her. May she achieve all she desires.

Dr. Preeti Talwar Dr. Preeti Talwar Behrampur Bihar

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